I've always enjoyed learning by doing. Hands-on work provides a greater excitement about, and a better understanding of, the subject matter. Throughout college I worked many awesome things, both in and out of class, and I still have some pet projects to keep me busy after work.

Big Ones:

CSH Alumni Map - A map of CSH members around the world - Fall 2015 - Fall 2016

EEGJ - An Immersive, Brain-Powered Audio/Visual Experience - Spring 2014

Kinect Stuff - A variety of Kinect-based projects - Winter 2012

Reversi - An online game of Reversi - Spring 2013

WebDrink 2.0 - A mobile-friendly web interface for CSH Drink - Winter 2014

Small Stuff:

Blur Overlay jQuery Plugin

jQuery Signature Plugin

I Made a Jekyll Theme

A College Career, Visualized

Simple PHP Database Utilities