Hello and welcome to Ben’s Beer Blog!

I’m Ben, a software engineer, musician, and avid homebrewer living in Somerville, Massachusetts. I’ve been brewing different styles of ales for over five years. After receiving a make-your-own beer kit as a gift, I dove right into homebrewing and haven’t looked back. I’ve followed existing recepies and even designed a few of my own, improving my technique with each batch. And this blog is the next step in my brewing journey.

The goals of the beer blog are:

  1. To take detailed notes on each batch of beer and track progress over time
  2. To prompt research to fill gaps in understanding
  3. To share recipes and knowledge with other homebrewers
  4. To help myself and others to become better brewers

You can expect most posts to be about the recipes I’m brewing. More than just for sharing, I’m hoping that taking detailed notes on each one will lead to improvement in technique and refinement over time. I’ll also share thoughts on equiment that’s served me well for the past few years, plus any upgrades I might make. I’ll write about beer styles both classic and modern to better understand the rich history of beer culture. And I might even write about the beer I’m drinking and the trends I see in the New England craft beer scene.

Lately I’ve been dreaming of opening a brewery. That will take years of planning, a ton more knowlege about more than just brewing, and the right combination of capital and luck. I’m hoping that this blog might help prepare me for that future. And either way, I believe it will make me a better homebrewer by honing my skills and growing my appreciation for the hobby. And if it can help me get better, hopefully it can help other homebrewers, too!

Feel free to reach out via email with any questions, comments, or ideas.


– Ben