Ben's Project Overview

A visualized overview and summary of the projects I've done over the course of my college career.

Projects By Term

A breakdown of all the projects by the RIT term in which they were done. Winter 2012 was the busiest term with 9 projects total. I must've picked bad winter schedules, since Winter 2011 comes in at second busiest with 6 projects. By the end of freshman year I had stopped doing animation, and over time I've done more and more web development projects. I even did a few personal projects over the summers.


Needless to say, the majority of projects were done in class. Howerver, mostly thanks to Computer Science House, I've done (and continue to do) personal projects out of class as well. Some of best projects have actually been the ones done outside of class!

Projects By Type

Being a web developer and all, websites are predictably the most common type of project. Interactive - experience-based projects that aren't games or websites - comes in second. Overall, my time here has provided me with a wide survey of work.

Projects By Tools/Technologies

Flash, used for games, animations, and interactive experiences, unsurprisingly comes in first, with web technologies a close second. Beyond that, the number of technologies suggests that many projects were unique. Over the last four years, I have used over 20 different languages, programs, and technologies.